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After too fast changes in web technology, domain undergoes reprogramming. Attacks: OVH/CA, Hetzner/DE.
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  Domain:  ICANN gTLD 1-1424-94823
  Owner/Admin:  Dietmar Nix (Impressum)

x 1. Framework
The domain off location by hosting complies to the standards of Switzerland as defined by VID 784.104.2. Base document PDF PDF
Display code gets adjusted to the HTML standard 4.01. x
x x 2. Data Privacy
The declaration of privacy rules complies with the standard P3P. Page access and digital data of use are recorded. Respective data might be used towards third party in case of abuse. The link to the P3P code on left. The declaration is further extended by responsible roles, given by the newer standard SECTXT, which is accessible by link image on right.
x 3. Blocking
Users with obfuscated or falsified access identification might be banned from access. Likewise automated or illegal calls for protected data. Tries of manipulations might get mitigated by counter measures.
x 4. Cookies
This domain does not use cookies. Rules on the notification to readers regarding the application of cookies therefore are regardless. Passive data of access are recorded.
x 5. Oblivion
The law definition EUGH C-131/12 is invalid for the framwork of domain. Its main subject are documentations, where oblivion by passing of time were contradictory. Guideline is not, how it is liked, but if factual assertions are correct on the matter.

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